Tools of the Trade:

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This is Aegir the primary backup machine for the group. He exists because we are to damn cheap to buy an exotic tape backup system so hey, we took a Compaq and slapped a burner in it. The sticker says protected by hand guns. Deal.
Frey is THE backup pig for the group. If Adric, the primary server, needs a service offloaded then Frey is the one to pick it up. Buddha Bless.
This computer is the "tool" of Mistress - her primary machine.
Ptah - is so named after the egyptian creater of the universe. Probably our biggest workstation.
Ok, so we ran out of room, click on the image for a larger shot.
Meet our primary router, Seker, he runs Snort and our firewalls.
This is just one of our workstations, it's a Sun SPARQ SLC.