Y2K in Vegas Nevada


Evidence in case the plane were to crash. Rapid City South Dakota to Denver.
Further documentation in case the plane were to turn into a fire ball. Denver to Vegas.
Not really sure why I took this one, just l0ok aT d4 p3RdY liGhTz!
Again, look at the perdy lights...
Perdy lights.
I take a picture of this thing every year, I just think it's cool.
This is what I did all day Thursday, get my luggage back from the United AirLine Nazis.
Perdy lights.
Perdy lights.
This is to create evidence I was there.
I was supposed to get a Stratus (like last year), I guess this'll do.
Our room...
Perdy lights.
P4nd0r4, showin some leg.
P4ndy rootin it up.
P4ndy caught rootin it up.
Perdy lights.
The strip as seen from the airport.
Caught apparently by surprize, P4ndy ponders what the hell am I doing with the cam?

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